onetrivia kids!

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So, what’s next for onetrivia and the gamification experience for students in order to bolster their achievement in school? A new onetrivia kids app is about to be released in the next few weeks with 40 categories and brand new features specifically designed for K-6. The app will help students expand their vocabulary, learn new

Pushing Boundaries!

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One of our key advisors, Jennifer Fraser, kindly introduced us to Rick Jetter. We quickly learned on a phone call that our goal to push the envelope and make a positive impact in society is closely aligned with Pushing Boundaries Educational Consulting's mission. We have been asked to partner with an international group of educators and

Hello World!

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Tonight, my wife and I took a very poweful class called Paradigm Shifts. At one point during the class I became inspired and asked myself: if I were to leave this world tomorrow what would I have left behind for its betterment? On my way home I started to think what exactly I wanted to focus