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October 2015


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We have been incorporated today as iosher inc. and successfully funded! We are now a team of 10 shareholders across Canada, USA, Argentina, and Uruguay. I feel blessed to receive so much support from family and friends. Thank you

August 2015


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During the last week we have been interviewing end users to validate whether giving away prizes makes a difference to them, or not. The question can't be "do you want to win a prize?" because we know what the answer

Focus Group

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Today we ran a focus group with high calibre professionals from companies such as Coca-Cola, Bank of Montreal, and Freshbooks. We learned that we must focus on making the best trivia product in the market if we want users to

June 2014

Defining the Business Model

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Boyan and I worked tonight on the business model. We defined the product, user experience, game mechanics, and safety mechanisms to keep it safe and fair for everyone.

Takes Two to… Have a Team!

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Tonight I met with Boyan Tsolov, a great friend of mine, and a technology professional I look up to. Boyan and I first met at Jonas Software, where I worked for five years as a production software developer on

May 2014

Hello World!

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Tonight, my wife and I took a very poweful class called Paradigm Shifts. At one point during the class I became inspired and asked myself: if I were to leave this world tomorrow what would I have left behind for its

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