Takes Two to… Have a Team!

Tonight I met with Boyan Tsolov, a great friend of mine, and a technology professional I look up to.

Boyan and I first met at Jonas Software, where I worked for five years as a production software developer on the ClubHouse Online product. I looked after four million users on our ColdFusion legacy system as well as the .NET newest solution leveraging Kentico CMS. Boyan provided consulting services through imason and helped us, along with others, create the newest most robust product.

Boyan and I first started playing soccer together in a co-ed team, and developed a great friendship. It wasn’t until after Boyan left Jonas Software that we became founders and partners at Kickvox, where we shared C-level titles.

I joined imason recently in a business analyst role, and Boyan continues to work here as a senior developer, focusing on SharePoint. We had such a great time working closely together on a product we owned, that I had no doubt I wanted to partner with Boyan again. Fortunately, Boyan wasn’t working on any other products since Kickvox, and wanted to help me get this off the ground.

Thank you Boyan for your continuous trust in me. It takes two to… have a team!

We are calling this project GroupQuiz. Tonight we registered the domain, created an email account, and set up SQL Server on Amazon Web Services. We are off to the races!

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